Blowing Gently...
Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York


  • Interactive Installation

The installation is a reflection on ephemerality. The memory of a nostalgic childhood trinket, a soap bubble maker, serves as the point of interaction for the central piece, hinting at the subtle action of blowing. Visitors become an integral part of the installation, as it is their breathing which unfolds a chain of events.

By blowing at different lengths and intensities, visitors create and inflate male and female creatures, which subsequently seem to float off into space. Each creature has an individual behaviour which causes different reactions when colliding with one another. Eventually all creatures fade away or disappear into a void.

A second piece, "day six", is presented in the smaller gallery space. This object, also activated by the visitor's breath, plays on the creation myth. Visitors are invited to breathe various randomly selected qualities into their own image via a pair of abstracted nostrils in front of a mirror. When blowing, one can watch oneself exhaling and inhaling a swarm of images representing qualities such as youth or beauty.