• Industrial Design

LinkNYC is a new communications hub replacing the public payphones in New York City. It provides free gigabit public wifi and access to various services. LinkNYC units will be installed throughout the five boroughs. Antenna’s role was to create the physical design and hardware user interface, which are both functional and symbolic.

LinkNYC is a new iconic landmark significantly improving the urban experience. The structure is tall and slender, a bit like a mini-skyscraper, instantly recognizable, yet seamlessly fitting into the various NYC contexts. We tried to achieve a civic feel with a straightforward and timeless appearance.

The front features a touch-screen display for one-on-one interaction. People can make a hands-free voice/video call, recharge their mobile devices and access various services. The two wide sides feature large displays for public announcements and advertising.

Tapering the narrow side of the monolithic structure gives the LinkNYC a clear front and identity. The gesture invites people to the interactive panel, which is recessed in a small niche for privacy. There are a few variations of the LinkNYC, to be used depending on the neighborhood. The consistent family look ensures recognizability in these different environments.

The LinkNYC is ADA compliant and provides universal access. The structure is durable and easy-to-maintain.