Antenna Power Beam
Knoll Inc, New York


  • System Furniture Design

Antenna Power Beam is a versatile power and data distribution system for flexible easy-to-change work space arrangements. Utilizing the center beam from Antenna Big Table, it has forward and backward compatibility for all new and existing accessories of this expansive workspace planning system. Screen, platform, task light, ladder, planter and other accessories can be used to create highly customized configurations. Along the linear spine off-module perpendicular connections can be made at any point. 120-degree connections are also available.

To make various work clusters, furniture can either be co-located or Power Beam can be used to support one end of Antenna Big Table, Desk, Simple Table or elevated storage.

The Power Beam can also sit atop Antenna Hybrid Storage to create a powered storage spine.

Power Beam comes in desk-height as well as low floor height. It can be freestanding, linkable or mobile.