Antenna™ Workspaces
Knoll Inc, New York


  • System Furniture Design

Knoll Antenna Workspaces is a simple and extremely flexible office system for open-plan and private office. We took a very pragmatic approach - achieving more with less - to respond to various contemporary challenges, such as flexible planning, responsible use of materials and technology accommodation. Here, a synthesis of simplicity and flexibility is the answer. As a result, the system feels light and dynamic. It picks up on early modernism with its youthful and optimistic spirit, including Knoll’s own heritage. Color, material and finish are used for articulation of different functions, expression of personality and comfort.

At the core of the system lies its structural concept. Inspired by elevated highway structures, horizontal rails float over inverted U-shaped legs, hinting at an endless extension of the horizontal surface. A compact “cradle” connects rails to legs rigidly, allowing the rails to support cantilevered and long-span worksurfaces. The rails’ diamond-shape section enables easy connectivity, horizontally to other worksurfaces and structures, upwards to space-articulating storage elements, and downwards to suspended storage and accessories.

In distilling the product to its essence, the system creates a multitude of configurations using a minimum of parts: from focused individual spaces to casual collaborative spaces. We looked at the furniture as interface - mediating between people and their work and amongst colleagues.

Vertical division is provided by a series of storage and screens, as opposed to panels and walls. Carefully planned storage elements work as a mediator between individual space and shared/public space, articulating boundaries while promoting a courteous interaction.

The piano-curved screen welcomes visitors at a reception desk, while ensuring privacy for the seated person. Details, such as this edge pull, provide little accents of color.

For private offices we also designed special storage elements and a different desk option. Here, the desk leg terminates at the end of a top for a more quiet expression.