Knoll Inc, New York


  • System Furniture Design

Horsepower is a horizontal power and data distribution system. Simple and straightforward, it is visually light and dynamic. Horsepower comes in two types: a configurable module with hardwired multi-circuit power and an independent cord-set module. Horsepower can also be used as trestle leg desk supports, which work nicely with larger tops. People can plug right into the desk support.

The configurable module can create entire open plan work environments. Used as a power/data spine and handling cable management, desks can be cantilevered from the spine, storage can be suspended below, privacy screens can be mounted above.

It is a very flexible way to create work spaces that can easily be re-configured.

Divider screens in various materials and accessory ladders allow for creating different atmospheres.

The independent cord-set module serves as an on-demand, mobile power source. It is well suited to a range of activity spaces and can be accessorized with a variety of options that people may need in those spaces; such as seat cushions, video displays, whiteboards, lights, etc. It comes as a glide and a caster version.