Knoll Inc, New York


  • System Furniture Design

Knoll Interpole brings power and data into the open space, servicing diverse activities in “un-programmed” zones away from workstations and conference rooms. The pole is mounted between floor and ceiling and provides access to power and data at any specified height. It has cable channels on two sides and an attachment slot on the other two sides. The slot allows for a number of accessories to be attached to the pole, such as large video display, small storage, CPU holder, marker cup, round counter top, coat hooks, etc. If power/data service is not needed, the channels can be left open exposing a simple and clean interior.

Photo top: Bob O'Connor

By pairing up two or more poles, it becomes a space dividing system, utilizing the attachment slot to mount a series of shelves, cabinets, marker boards, glass panels and tackable screens. This opens up new possibilities for flexible office planning allowing for reconfigurable zones with distinct functions and identities.