23/6 Mobile PC
Fujitsu, Japan


  • Product Concept

Contemporary lifestyles blur the spheres of work and leisure, public and private. The 23/6 Mobile PC responds to this fact by accommodating our diverse needs. It is an ultra compact Windows PC, with a 7" OLED screen and a 16mm pitch folding keyboard with integrated trackpad and includes a standard DVD drive. The 23/6 Mobile PC allows us to seamlessly connect our multiple activities by providing pervasive computation in a compact, comfortable to use and stylish manner. The concern for portability paired with usability and usefulness led to the unique configuration where multi-modal usage is supported by a physical transformation of the device.

Opening the screen presents the entertainment/gaming modes, unfolding the keyboard presents the computing/communications modes. The screen is big enough for enjoying feature length movies, yet small enough to fit within the CD-sized footprint. The folding keyboard allows compact size, while providing an almost standard keyboard for typing comfort.

The proportion - atypical for mobile computers - achieves a shift in perception of a mobile PC to a true cross-over device. Material and finish give it the object quality of personal luxury goods. The design's precision feel naturally induces the sense of handling a precious object.