Bloomberg Terminal
Bloomberg LP, New York


  • Industrial Design

The Bloomberg Terminal design was done in collaboration with Bloomberg and is the intellectual property of Bloomberg. The Bloomberg Terminal creates a strong presence on any trading floor and office space, thus enhancing Bloomberg's leading position in the financial industry. It is an important expression of the brand identity. The dual-screen is Bloomberg's signature configuration optimizing the use of the Bloomberg software.

The display heads have easy adjustability and the Terminal is designed to accommodate both horizontal and vertical configurations. The custom keyboard is optimizing usability by integrating hardware functions with the Bloomberg software for a high level of efficiency crucial to the speed-conscious users. Various custom keys and new functionalities such as Squawk, which is an instant voice communication tool, further support the needs of these specialist users. The narrow elongated format of the keyboard conserves desk depth while packing extra functionality.

As the users spend many hours behind the screen, the new Terminal is conceived as a part of the work environment as opposed to a stand-alone product, therefore the design has a more furniture-like presence, featuring different materials and finishes.