IP Telephony Product Line


  • Industrial Design
  • Screen Interface Design

Signature design for a family of IP telephony products for the enterprise market. The stand-alone IP telephone features an easy-to-use, large touch-screen for various advanced telephony features, such as reading one's voicemail and ad-hoc conferencing, improving productivity and streamlining communications. Name-based dialing has presence information for contacts (such as available or in a meeting). Contact lists can be quickly viewed via a scroll-wheel below the display and a fingerprint scanner allows for quick, secure authentication. A user's own presence is shown via an iconic multi-color LED indicator.

The peripheral speakerphone/handset integrates with the communications software on the computer screen, providing high definition audio, convenient access to call control buttons and visual presence and voicemail indicators. The Bluetooth headset works with both devices as a hands-free alternative, accommodating a large battery for longer talk time and a docking station for convenient recharging.