Lacquerware Objects
SVA Made In Yame


  • Prototypes

As a pilot project for SVA's program "Made in Yame: Traditional Craft and Contemporary Design in Japan", we were invited on a tour of Yame's traditional crafts studios to learn about their tools and techniques. Subsequently we were asked to design objects inspired by these crafts. We proposed a number of concepts ranging from paper lanterns to lacquerware. A selection was prototyped by the craftspeople. These are some of the objects.

The simple looking Flip Flop Cups surprise with dual volumes inside. Turned one way, the tall cup can be used to serve beer, the other way to serve sake or wine. The short cup serves a single shot on one side and a double shot on the other side. The Koma Cup, a food-safe container surprises with a spinning top as its lid. Put it on the table and, once uncovered, witness the irresistible urge to spin the top.