MetroCard Vending Machine
MTA/New York City Transit


  • Industrial Design
  • Screen Interface Design

The MetroCard Vending Machine sells pre-paid fare cards for NYC subways and buses, thus represents a major access point to the New York City Transit system, which moves around 7 million passengers daily. The user can purchase various ticket types by cash, credit and debit cards. An intuitive interface minimizes transaction time and a welcoming appearance eliminates skepticism of adopting new technology.

The multilingual interface guides the user all the way through the transaction, color-coding unites hardware and software elements. The design observes ADA guidelines and provides full access for the disabled. Tactile and high-contrast graphics help the visually impaired. Braille and audio instruction are also available. To protect from vandalism, a stainless-steel casing and ceramic-coated bezels are featured.The machine is hard to scratch and easy to clean.

Additional Design Credit: David Reinfurt, Kathleen Holman.

Subsequently, we designed a smaller version, the MetroCard Express Machine, expanding opportunities for installation, even outside of stations. To achieve a compact body, this machine does not include cash transaction components.