Self-Service Check-In Kiosk
JetBlue Airways, New York


  • Industrial Design
  • Screen Interface Design

The new kiosk is designed to give the check-in experience the ease and elegance that has vanished since the great days of air-travel. The kiosk has a contemporary clean and sleek look, yet very friendly and welcoming. Clear icons on the hardware interface elements facilitate the various points-of-entry to the transaction.

The screen interface is presented on a large 17" flat panel touch-screen. The clean layout and graphics, simple instructions, and high contrast large-size type make the kiosk easy-to-use for both frequent flyers and occasional passengers, increasing transaction speed and customer satisfaction.

The enclosure is designed to meet JetBlue's need for flexibility. It an be used as a single free-standing unit, in a cluster arrangement, or integrated into a counter.